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Good Morning Eric. I understand that you're frustrated but I can assure you that we have a very skilled team of technicians currently looking into the issues you've been experiencing. This is certainly not a situation that anyone here at Zina Server Solutions have experienced before. I must ask again whether you have:

As previously summarised, the server will turn on as normal but sets its clock forward twenty years after approximately ten seconds of normal operation. This causes issues with verification and security systems that we employ here so the server is disconnected from the internet at this point. This is why you are sporadically seeing the server return. We have triple checked that the server is not infected with any known worm or virus. Additionally a full reset and hardware swap has not solved the problem. Interestingly, after the computer's clock is set forward, it appears to receive (aborted) connection requests from two servers, one in Toronto, Canada and another in Chicago, Illinois. We're unable to find any information about these servers, but we do have their approximate GPS co-ordinates. Do you know of any significance to them? 43.775342, -79.414147 / 43.777083, -79.414772 and 41.921698, -87.697323 respectively.

Frankly all of us here are somewhat baffled by the problem, however we will continue our work and hope to have come to a solution by the end of September. However if it's possible that you or members of your community could help in some way then I think we could bring the date forward.


Meade Montes

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