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by ecrujones
Tue Nov 09, 2021 10:01 pm
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Topic: THEORY of fitpics
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Re: THEORY of fitpics

strapping a gopro to your head to craft a pov fit video. what does it feel like to look down and see your garments on my body? bonus, of course, if you use multiple gopros and the video is viewable in VR. double bonus if the video depicts you taking a regular mirror selife with your phone.
by ecrujones
Fri Nov 05, 2021 4:26 am
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Topic: ramdom thought thread revival
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Re: ramdom thought thread revival

by ecrujones
Thu Nov 04, 2021 6:54 pm
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Topic: introduction
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Re: introduction

hi everyone, i'm ecrujones, I used to be tigre on all the fashion sites. i've been around the clothesweb for over 10 years now ( :!: ). i am 28 and live in san francisco, i'm an animator by trade. i looked up care-tags on a whim this morning and am delighted to see that it's back and feeling active....
by ecrujones
Thu Nov 04, 2021 6:51 pm
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Topic: It's really coming down out there
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Re: It's really coming down out there

after two years in minneapolis i've relocated to the bay area and, well, november just doesnt hit the same out here.
by ecrujones
Thu Nov 04, 2021 6:43 pm
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Topic: PRACTICE of fitpics
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Re: PRACTICE of fitpics

hi care tags it's me formerly-tigre


happy to be here and happy to see you all doing well. 8-)