Ramdom fashion thoughts

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Re: Ramdom fashion thoughts

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fit pic sounds a lot like feet pic
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Re: Ramdom fashion thoughts

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brücke wrote: Fri May 21, 2021 2:51 pm massive single cuffs on jeans are tearing through society, the vanity fair guy who got posted on mfa in 2012 in his garden with cuffs up to his knees had no concept of his prescience ..
this man was ahead of everyone in the year 2000
but also, levis red circa 08 i think
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Re: Ramdom fashion thoughts

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very pleased I got both pairs of my gramicci pants at like 20 bucks a pop
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Re: Ramdom fashion thoughts

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another piece of writing by minh-ha t. pham. the abstract:

"To bring forth a world without sweatshops, we have to accurately identify the sources of sweatshops. As I explain here, sweatshops aren’t the results of individual brands behaving badly but a broad configuration of state, capital, and cultural political interests that I classify as sweatshop or free market feminism. Without a serious critique of the sweatshop’s structural reality, any efforts to make fashion more ethical can only be what prison abolitionists call “reformist reforms.” Reformist reforms pursue gentler and more inclusive forms of labor and resource extraction rather than the abolition of this extractive industry altogether.

The discussion concludes with examples of sweatshop abolition in practice: the garment worker collectives called Homework4Health (Los Angeles) and Blue Tin Production (Chicago). "

https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm ... id=3860253
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Re: Ramdom fashion thoughts

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The sole requirement to be a product manager is that you have a collared shirt and that shirt is tucked into your trousers. Anything else can be different, you can wear almost any shoes, for example from crazy runners to sensible brogues, boots, the trousers can be absolutely fucked faded jeans or black polyester slacks from NEXT, belt no belt etc but you have to wear a collared shirt and tuck it into the trousers. Those are the rules.
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Re: Ramdom fashion thoughts

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Look this may not be a conventional RFT post but it's RANDOM and there's a THOT in it. I got a new, old hat and I love the GK logo. :twisted:
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