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hi, do you like to smell??? how? please describe.

i used to wear issey miyake sport, which i'd describe as citrusy and sharp: like the sound of a piccolo (high, sharp, yet round/balanced; though without much body). i first smelled it on a coworker in 2013, really liked it, and asked for an id. i've gone through maybe 2 or 3 bottles of the stuff since; but when i ran out two years ago, i instead bought the jo malone oud & bergamot. what a rich, comforting smell. spicy, woody, a tiny hint sweet; evokes for me a forest scene with druids and fresh dirt at dusk a la cs lewis novel.
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Re: aromatherapy

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i like the idea of smelling:

probably like the air that greets you when you pass by an open door to a spice shop, ideally one with heavily varnished wooden shelving that hasn't been re-varnished in a while. and maybe sometimes someone smokes tobacco out back, but only sometimes and mostly never. and they also sell candied citrus peels at the counter. the ghost of potpourri? sure, why not add that on there. mostly those things without being too strong is a nice idea maybe.

that's one example of what i'd like, but also i'm very allergy prone and strong smells can set me off, especially when aerated/spritzed. even essential oils can be a bit much sometimes. so by default i just try to find a deodorant that doesn't smell too strongly of anything.

considering the savings i'll call it a double-edged sword, but i may try to dip my toes into the world of fragrances again (post-pandemic)

edit: i don't know how to tag anymore (????) but
scented candles can be a bit much, depends on the scent! incense has been the best thus far, but that also depends...
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Re: aromatherapy

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i like the idea of wearing fragrances but for some reason i find it really intimidating? i get worried that some i wear might be overpowering or unpleasant for other people or not suit me or something. my grandma used to wear some really intense perfume and it was fucking horrible being in a car with her, i don't wanna inflict that on anyone.

doesn't help that i only really thought about trying any just before the pandemic started and don't really have an opportunity to smell anything irl

for now i just like laughing at that jeremy fragrance guy
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Re: aromatherapy

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I wear Égoïste sometimes (like, very rarely) for special occasions, and then only very lightly. Otherwise it's just Dr. Bronner's almond Castile soap for me.
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