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Re: Toilet Water

Postby jrisk » Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:42 am

okay people, what's been your scent of the summer? for me, it's been cdg series 5 sherbert: RHUBARB


this is one of the juiciest scents i've ever smelled. it smells exactly like a freshly picked rhubarb stalk that you've taken and cracked and twisted between your hands and stuffed into a bag. it's so crisp and tart. it doesn't have a ton of longevity which I honestly don't mind. scents that last a while kind of exhaust me. good for daily wear at work imo.

another scent that I've been very into is mancera lemon line


this starts off with a huge kapow of lemon and citrus that is sooo intoxicating. mellows out to a very pleasant lavender and kind of musky. my coworker smelled this on me (woops, shouldn't have worn this to work) and demanded to know what I was wearing and then went and immediately ordered a sample. more appropriate for going out / dates, I suppose. It also lasts FOREVER. I'll still be able to smell it after I wake up the next day and a tshirt that I sprayed directly still smells like the base notes after washing it twice. wearing this makes me feel so confident. B)
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Re: Toilet Water

Postby shar pei » Sat Jul 22, 2017 2:56 am

thanks to jrisk for revitalizing the toilet water thread and proposing the idea that we talk about summer scents


this summer is the summer of me playing around with woody and resinous scents also they're super fucking hot i wish i hadn't slept on them earlier!!!!!!!!

i've been a loyal fan of spritzing margiela tea escape ever since it got released like late 2014 on warmer days. it surprisingly holds up pretty well in the cold too depending on how cute i feel.

however, i've been finding myself to spray oud palao by diptyque more on me on hotter days and nights? strangely enough it works super duper well (at least on me), and it gives off this very sexy mysterious aura and jizz (that i need to supplement my lack of va-va-voom for). i feel fragrantica does a p nice job of describing the notes, plus a various amount of reviews from more-trained noses than mine, but i'd say that it goes on the reeeeeaaaal 'animalistic' side of things. i guess it's very adventurous and borderline voyeuristic to wear this at day in the summer :^)

overall like tbh i feel very powerful and attractive while wearing this, this is the kind of scent that if you go on a date with someone wearing this, you'd probably want to see more of them or something. it's dirty, it's flirty, it's to the point, it's mysterious, it's a god damn aphrodisiac and
i can testify to the effects of oud palao from first hand experience, me being the person wearing it :~~~~)


i'm also sad about not seeing volutes by diptyque in stores/in stock -- i'm guessing they're discontinuing/have discontinued it? i've been using this a fair bunch for a minute until i realized i can't get more of it so i just went full 'fuck it' mode and switched to oud palao. it feels very cute, sweet, a bit lighter, and despite the verdict on fragrantica i think it's a perfect year-long scent. i got this in the EDP version and want to pick this up in the EDT one cause i heard it's more potent n i want longevity, if i ever do come across it again (and got the $$$ for it).

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Re: Toilet Water

Postby dakaf_fal » Sun Jul 23, 2017 8:52 pm

My standby summer scent has been Comme des Garcons Serpentine


It's supposed to smell like a garden in the city. I get a generic green scent at the opening, but I also get walloped by a wave of wet concrete. A lot of summer scent smell clean. Well this has an astringent note, but less like hand soap and more like petrochemicals. I tend to dislike a lot of the fresh, beachy, or floral scents that are popular during warm weather and this is an interesting twist on the typical summer scent. I get the mixed reviews on this one, I'd recommend trying before you buy. I liked it well enough to buy a full bottle.

I've also enjoyed Tauer PHI Une Rose de Kandehar


This one is a dry rose scent. It's fairly linear but puts on a solid performance. I definitely pick up the almond notes, as well as the patchouli and vanilla. It feels light but full-bodied without becoming cloying, which I've found is the downfall of many rose scents. This has the same dusty note I pick up in every Tauer scent. Not sure I'd buy a bottle of it, but I've enjoyed my sample this summer.

Last one I'm going to talk about is Apoteker Tepe After the Flood


I was recommended this fragrance when I was trying to find a scent that smells like petrichor, and the opening note is perfect. The first whiff of this smells exactly like wet earth and decaying plant matter. This very quickly becomes a soft, earthy aquatic scent. I wouldn't typically think of it as a summer scent, but it's such a light scent that it kind of works. I wish more of the earthy funk from the opening lasted longer, but this is still a good one. Not sure if I'd a buy a bottle of it, not sure I'd wear it often enough to make sense.
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Re: Toilet Water

Postby zevolution » Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:39 am

I've been mixing bergamot, vetiver, and water to splash on once in a while -- if you feel like smelling like an REM song, this is the route for you.
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Re: Toilet Water

Postby thephfactor » Thu Aug 24, 2017 7:44 pm

I have been playing around with the le labo samples for a while. I don't really have any sort of nose for scents yet, I just like smelling good (smiling) . My favorites are I think the rose and the santal. I think it might be interesting to try something like a rose oud. I'm interested in scents that confront or confound gender expectations, too. Hope y'all continue to post in this thread because I have a lot to learn! (smiling)
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Re: Toilet Water

Postby blanket » Sat Aug 26, 2017 7:00 am

oud club

the smell of oud has been hot lately (oud + rose in particular is a v popular combo).

when beetles and mould invade the outer wood of the trunks of aquilaria trees, they produce a thick dark resin in response. the wood of the infected area becomes saturated with this fragrant resin; as the tree grows older, the wood becomes darker, denser, more bitter and more resinous. the best oud comes from trees over a hundred years old, but not all old trees produce oud wood, and an entire tree may only produce a little oud wood.

in this video, al-Woozain explores oud's journey from infected tree to incense censer. he visits the storeroom of an oud seller in qatar, a perfume maker in a french town famous for flower fields, a man who travels the world to find the finest oud, an agarwood plantation in thailand, a temple with a 200 year old tree, the funeral of a ranger killed by oud smugglers, an orang asli man in a malaysian forest.

this video well worth watching! i really enjoyed it

most commercial perfumes use synthetic oud-ish blends or oud from aquilaria plantations. proper old oud is vvvvvv rare and vvvvvvv expensive.

i think comme wonderoud uses oud from SE asian agarwood plantations. it's been a while since i've smelt it but from what i remember wonderoud is very much like wonderwood, a little more bitter and smooth but I can't really remember more. both start as peppery spare woods with a little green; they're dry and clear without being harsh.

i really enjoyed tom ford's oud fleur. I managed to get a free 4ml sample that I haven't used much of. at the beginning, a rich thick rose on the edge of rotting. it overflows with a sort of resinous sweetness and quiets down to a warm amber-ish wood with a little bitterness. it's lovely but not really a scent for me so i'd be happy to send/trade(!!) the sample if anyone would like it. tom ford uses synthetic ouds. some other ouds he's done are tobacco oud and oud wood but i wasn't concentrating when i smelt them so i can't remember much about them. mad expensive all of them.

some other rose+oud i have smelt:
diptyque oud palao - pei described it above!
armani prive rose d'arabie - there's a rich and thick vanilla/amber element; the vanilla/amber/oud current is stronger than the rose i feel. a very dense sort of scent
juliette has a gunmidnight oud- i don't really remember anything specific about this. i think it was quite pleasant in a tame sort of way

some other ouds
le labo oud 27 - a musky earthy kind of oud that opens with a sour sharpness. a wood wrapped in latex and sweat.
byredo oud immortel - a cold oud with a lemonade-y opening. what the fuck?? (i really do not like citrus smells). have not generally been keen on byredo's perfumes.
terryfic oud - a sweetish powdery iris, young green berries and oud of a sort. can get cloying. not really my taste.
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Re: Toilet Water

Postby fun_yunchables » Mon Sep 18, 2017 2:30 pm

yoooo i just stopped by aesop yesterday and smelled their new fragrance hywl

it's stupid good, i think i'm going to pick it up as a winter scent when it releases. it has a pleasant hinoki/japanese cypress base with frankincense + vetiver notes. it has weak sillage like most of aesops other fragrances, which i personally like.

even compared to the monocle 01 i think i prefer this, as far as woody/earthy scents go. it's has less of that "synthy" aroma that monocle 01 has
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What's that smell?

Postby soundclip989 » Wed Nov 13, 2019 8:22 pm


This thread is about how you're smelling. Perfume or cologne. Sorry if there's already a scent thread, I couldn't find it.
Here's my main rotation, I've got Valentino, D&G, Versace, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Dsquared2 Wood, Guerlain.


Smaller ones are Comptoir sud pacifique (rum & tobacco), alkemia (honey & smoke), Angel men (tonka bean), Olympic orchids(cut wood), Burberry, Kenzo, goldfield&banks (desert rosewood)

What scents fit your aesthetic?
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Re: Toilet Water

Postby soundclip989 » Wed Nov 13, 2019 11:50 pm

Thanks rj, I knew it was around somewhere.
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