check out my damn nudies


Re: check out my damn nudies

Postby _Organism » Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:34 pm

Are there any sanforized raws at the levis stf price point? I was really hoping I could find a normal pair of jeans that I could throw on and let fade but that doesn't seem to be the way of the raws
(sorry I hope raws are still cool)
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Re: check out my damn nudies

Postby mc-lunar » Sat Jun 11, 2016 3:42 pm

levis rigid dragon?
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Re: check out my damn nudies

Postby weqe » Thu Mar 22, 2018 10:32 pm

(edwin not baldwin thanks sknss)
So I found these,apparently Baldwin, jeans on ebay, they were only ~40 bucks and I wanted some cheap raws for the summer. They're pretty solid and have like branded buttons and rivets, and the tag says made in the US, but as far as I can tell Baldwin never sold/made jeans here, plus the only mention of the model number is from some reddit posts from a few years ago. Anyone have any ideas on where these came from? Definitely raw, definitely solid construction, non-selvedge but still p cool.

bad dorm lighting pics
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Re: check out my damn nudies

Postby sknss » Fri Mar 23, 2018 6:45 am

do you have a weird word filter on your computer? it's edwin not baldwin you silly
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Re: check out my damn nudies

Postby stoogesjacket » Tue May 01, 2018 7:38 am

check out my damn studio d'artisans!


apologies for my stomach. my dad (lol) disliked that my old Helmut Lang raws had a (fixed) crotch hole and wanted to get new ones; as I am currently in Tokyo and Tokyo is not the best place to buy raw I went with the classic SDA. this is the 101 cut which apparently is not sold in the US (or at least at Blue Owl) because it's too repro, but I wanted the widest cut they had. the denim is nice and hairy, and has fun details like a twisted left leg to show off selvedge, little woven "D'Artisan" tag on the watch pocket, beat up leather patch of the pigs pulling apart jeans, blue selvedge, interior tag that says "RECONSTRUCTION OF GREAT OLD THINGS - STUDIO D'ARTISAN SINCE 1979" with a Japanese flag between them, concealed back rivets, branded buttons, etc. Finally, I can get the fabled artful pool.

the store I got them from, M'arijuan in Harajuku, was also cool for selling mostly reproductions of 1920's clothing and only play Jazz age music over the speakers. here's the products shots that do them more justice than I could:



a truly severe denim cowboy! the jacket is Helmut Lang from 1998, got it for Christmas from y!jp. I think it had to be in storage since it was still stiff when I got it :0

EDIT: the best place to buy raws is Okayama!! I actually got to go to Kojima jeans street while I’ve been here but didn’t buy anything; Tokyo has a good selection of vintage raws but I wanted new and I had trouble finding other stores.
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Re: check out my damn nudies

Postby oucho » Sat Dec 08, 2018 7:25 am

My raw denim jeans from e tautz have just turned 3 years old. They are a great pair of jeans which I wear for gardening, socialising and raving. I don't really wear them for gardening anymore because they're a bit too low rise for constantly getting up and down and jeans pockets are so fucking bad for secateurs (and everything else except for putting only your thumbs in your pockets).


The right hand pocket has different sized fades which record my transition from an iPhone to a OnePlus. There are also funny lines all over the place because I wash them in the washing machine and the first time I did it that caused creases which made the weird lines - you might say: gross! But I think it's an authentic expression of my modern life. There are also little tears along where I used to second cuff the jeans and a thin dark blue line where I used to first cuff them.
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Re: check out my damn nudies

Postby Julio » Sun Dec 09, 2018 3:23 am

how frowned upon is it to have stretch in your raw denim? i've somehow got two pairs at the moment, both in strange skinny cuts (stretch necessary). the junya pair have only just ceased to stain my fingertips blue, but the beauty & youth sarouel pair are still doing it after one wash.
i wouldn't have normally opted for skinny fits, but the junyas were just given to me (!) and the b&y ones were fun enough that i would have felt bad to leave them in the thrift shop. *shrug emoji*

edit: am asking to poke fun at intense purists, but also because if it's alright then i'd like to pop in photos of the jeans in their current raw-ish states and update in some months or so once fades have begun
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