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oucho's sig shop

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Atmosphere music (like when you walk in a real shop and they are playing music)

Welcome to my tag shop, I am a professional designer who has been tagging for 13 years, I have been a member of many prestigious teams such as Lumière, Team Carbon, Team Hollow, Nostalgia, Noided and Team Squirrel (winners of the TagCity collab tournament). You can see examples of my work here:
You can request a signature or avatar in this shop using the form below and I will make it for you.

:arrow: I hereby reserve the right to reject any request.

Fill out this form to request a signature

Code: Select all

Signature or avatar:
Colour scheme:
Corners: (rounded or square)
Special request:
Please don't request in my shop if you are a noob, I will reject your request. Don't rush me, respect the artistic process.

If you would like to work in my sig shop making sigs then you can apply to do so as an apprentice for 2 years. You must then spend two years as a journeyman working in tag shops on different forums all over the internet. You must then get classed low inter on NationalSigLeague then you may open your own sig shop.
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Re: oucho's sig shop

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Signature or avatar: le rjbasedgod
Render: all of them. particularly michael.
Background: former nerd, mediocre fashion icon, now cyclismo / kickballer
Colour scheme: whatever colors (yes i spelled it correctly) best suit someone living in a country where we have the freedom to pay a fuckton for our own healthcare
Concept: the matrix meets hubertus bigend in the wachowski's speed racer
Text: "idk just put something like, super cool there. maybe a song lyrics or something"
Corners: (rounded or square): i dont like to be cornered or edged
Special request: can it come with a free TEF scarf?
~*~ cut my life into pieces, this is my last resort ~*~
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Re: oucho's sig shop

Post by bels »

How much does it cost to get that "photobucket" watermark effect on the sig?
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Re: oucho's sig shop

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Signature or avatar: skonk ehp
Render: brutalist concrete
Background: Banana plantations
Colour scheme: Guatamalan flag
Concept: Not a CIA spook
Text: "Not a CIA spook"
Corners: (rounded or square): square
Special request: Make it seem like I'm not a CIA spook.

Put this in your signature if you like to post with friends: https://i.imgur.com/GUPLGPw.png

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