Where to live one of these days

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Re: Where to live one of these days

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I idealize moving to NYC but realistically I’m probably going to stay in Boston forever.
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Re: Where to live one of these days

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Did not expect that I'd completely fall in love with Switzerland when I moved here. I think I'll find it really tough to leave when my program is finished, although I'm not entirely sure if that's because I'll miss the friends/community I've built or the place itself (which is extremely gorgeous). To the latter, Bern is uniquely full of 3rd spaces, and it's small enough that I randomly run into friends/colleagues pretty regularly. The language thing was difficult at first, but I've gotten to a decent level where I have friends that we only speak german with another & am taking classes/lessons in german.

As for after Bern, I don't really have a clue. I think I've been spoiled in a way w/ a wonderful community/social life (lots of clubs-- I'm in 3 different choirs/yodel clubs), very nice apartment, and amazing public transportation. I think I could reconcile moving elsewhere pretty easy if it at least has some similarities in that regard. Germany/UK/Ireland/Scandanavia would be cool (job opportunities for classical music are generally better there). We'll see!

@bels I don't play video games.
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