Care-Tags Mastodon Server Invitation

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Care-Tags Mastodon Server Invitation

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Invite link:

Mastodon is like decentralised twitter, which sort of means we have our own care-tags twitter, which also connects to the twitters made by other communities. It's worth googling about it if you're interested (search: "Mastodon fediverse" probably)

Probably the big draw for most people on here (Other than contributing to a self governing independent autonomous internet space) is that you can upload images to there and then hot link to them here, so it's good for waywts/image memes etc. It has drag and drop / native android upload / copy paste image type functionality for the image uploads, so it's probably as easy as using imgur or whatever, but we have slightly more control over it. (I think it all gets stored on rjbomon' amazon s3 account or something. I doubt he minds)

I know I come across as very pro mastodon. I'm actually only slightly pro, but if you think that social media is "overly commercial" and runs on "surveillance capitalism" and "compulsion loops" and "sowing division" but you still wish you could use it and "find a community" I feel like it's worth taking a punt on? It's certainly worth me posting a link to. There are a couple of us who regularly use it (Hi guys! Love you!) but I'm sure it could only be better with more of you on there.
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Re: Care-Tags Mastodon Server Invitation

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get on mastodon to image host at least. works great and is not insanely annoying like imgur is getting to be
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Re: Care-Tags Mastodon Server Invitation

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it has a cool name
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