The Furniture Game

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Re: The Furniture Game

Post by maj »

Furniture threads are like watch threads, it’s just finding the seiko which looks most like an explorer
thank you for the honour of being first to 100 reps (NoWAWT%), would like to thank everyone who repped me
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Re: The Furniture Game

Post by clivehauptlover625 »

can't get him out of my head (moomin lamp)

maruni hiroshima in a special patchwork upholstered seat. these seem to have disappeared from the internet. Should be about 1500+ to proxy one to usa. prob a good forever chair

Image ... 1197.m1850

cheap plastic lightups everywhere duhh

looking for a good white plastic low table/coffee table. looking for plaster editions of literally any image. googling "best cheap mirror" everyday until I find The One
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Re: The Furniture Game

Post by p3rn »

omg! the hattifnatt lamp! I'm so taken
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Re: The Furniture Game

Post by miles »

Mina Perhonen fabric on those chairs!
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Re: The Furniture Game

Post by Julio »

frama 9.5° chair
simultaneously drives me insane and fills me with longing
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