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Re: Music is my boyfriend

PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 1:27 pm
by posh_somme
so the music event of the year happened and oneohtrix point never's new album AGE OF finally came out, as expected it's fuckin biblical business as usual for 0PN and he's managed yet again to excel in something out of his wheelhouse. but i guess the point is he doesn't have a wheelhouse. everybody go ahead and listen to it and everything else he's done

nothing from his new album is on YT yet and I couldn't find No Good so here's Chrome Country to make you cry

seeing MYRIAD at barbican in july, anybody catch one of his US performances of it?

Re: Music is my boyfriend

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 2:50 am
by hharrissonn
Listen I haven't really given a shit about anything Drake has put out since Trophies but like KEKE DO U LOVE ME ARE YOU RIDING ??????

Re: Music is my boyfriend

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 12:11 pm
by evilfriends

Deafheaven are coming to my city on my birthday and I'm so excited to see them! My general health and my ears are going to hate me but it's worth it.

They're on a streak of three amazing albums in a row now

Re: Music is my boyfriend

PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 6:04 pm
by fun_yunchables
probably like a broken record but i've been gushing on and on about puma blue -- i'm so absolutely enamored with his songwriting!!!

a big fan of his chord voicings and colorings. want me has some altered chords that contextually i really like (the V7#9!)

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:53 am
by GeorgeT
After that challenge and accident, I hate this (KEKE DO U LOVE ME ARE YOU RIDING) song. How could people be soo stupid to follow the challenge?

Re: Music is my boyfriend

PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 1:00 am
by sunblam

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 7:19 pm
by ptozzi
Can anyone give me a good place to start as far as classical music goes? I wanna get into it because (1) I can listen to it while doing shit at work that requires actual focus and (2) it's a common topic on Jeopardy!

Re: Music is my boyfriend

PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2018 6:37 pm
by fun_yunchables
classical is quite broad and i am by no means an expert on classical music despite having classical training so this is sorta a rough rough sketch of my thoughts

baroque period -- marked by improvisation, ornamentation, and polyphonic (multiple distinct voices) texturing. Bach is a representative composer of this period but i would also look into Handel and Vivaldi as stylistically capturing the baroque movement

classical -- marked by an emphasis on harmony and melody (homophony) and stricter adherence to how music is written. Mozart is the obv representative composer here, as well as early Beethoven (he kinda straddles classicism and romanticism depending on the years).

romantic -- singing melodic lines, big variances in dynamics, rubato (interpretive tempo). more accidentals and chromaticism. Composers to look to are Brahms, Chopin, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Grieg, Saint-Saens

impressionist -- explorations into non functional harmony, including quartal/quintal harmonies. marked use of modality. Composers include Debussy, Satie, Ravel, Scriabin

there's more contemporary/modern/postmodern/etc stuff that has qualities of being increasingly more post-tonal and post-structural, and i definitely haven't really studied it too much but if your goal is easy listening while studying and not actively analyzing music i'd probably say much of this stuff isn't really up your alley. Stravinsky's Rite of Spring is probably a good example though, although with even more modern stuff it can get pretty weird

Re: Music is my boyfriend

PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2018 5:41 pm
by popcorn
yeah, the way I've always sold it instead of pointing up at the massive ivory tower is just ... try Mozart, Bach, Satie, Schoenberg, and Stravinsky. Maybe also Arvo Part? (smiling) If none of those are interesting just come back to classical music later.

Shit gets wild and fun after Schoenberg, Stravinsky is considered part of a "Neoclassical" period because he eschewed modernity and kept playing Bach's game while still being accepted as aesthetically valuable.

Le Sacre du Printemps (Stravinsky) and the Gymnopedies (Satie) are the first non-modern classical pieces I really loved.
Das buch der hangenden garten (Schoenberg op. 15) is the first modern classical piece I really loved.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2018 2:21 pm
by norman

@mc-lunar fuck u

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2018 2:53 pm
by oucho
I've listened to two episodes of inside music on BBC radio 3 completely randomly in the car and both times found them really really good. It's just a classical music person playing music they find interesting with a little bit of talking in between but they seem to make an effort to select quite unusual stuff, like an inhumanly fast piano composition designed to be played on a self-playing piano back when those were a thing, so it's not necessarily a list of 'the best music' which would probably be dull, more like here's a person who spends a lot of time thinking and listening to music and they will show you a bunch of stuff you would never have heard otherwise ... des/player

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2018 3:33 pm
by bels
Building a collection is another good BBC radio 3 music thing. They pick one piece then listen to different performances of it to work out which you might want to buy for your collection.It's really fascinating to hear and compare two cellists or whatever, even though i know nothing about music.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2018 11:34 am
by zevolution

Now listening!

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:45 pm
by fun_yunchables
can we talk about how amazing the producer for perfume is (and the group!)

i always come back to polyrhythm and the bridge is just absolutely phenomenal (especially doubly so for pop music). idk the exact rhythms but i'm counting 5/8, 6/8, 4/4, and maybe 6/4 (?) rhythms simultaneously

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2018 5:35 am
by WussWayne
Cringe all you want but I played this album while watching the sun rise early with my friends while we were high and it's still blowing my mind :heck:

Re: Music is my boyfriend

PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2018 5:53 pm
by WussWayne


Re: Music is my boyfriend

PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2018 4:54 pm
by fun_yunchables ... C6ho5nGdlI

this article bugs me to no end tbh hate this sort of "rational/logical" esque thinking towards things that such thinking is clearly not suited for (i also blame silicon valley for these kinds of ppl) cool we get it you like math and science but ppl rly out here treating it like a swiss army knife for everything

music is (for the most part excluding more avant garde stuff) inherently repetitive in some sense. anyone with a rudimentary understanding of music theory (or even jus an active ear) can tell u that it's not so much the note (or word, or whatever) as it is in context which is what this dude fails to realize. u can repeat the same phrase but the musical context will give it different feelings. beyonce's love on top gets lyrically repetitive towards the end but it also modulates by semitones and it creates a lifting feeling

tldr stop trying to justify music with math yall r fools

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 2:34 am
by WussWayne

My most cried to song this year. Damn those repetitive lyrics

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 1:20 pm
by WussWayne
Get your cheesy lists in b4 p4k's

1. Dj Koze - Knock Knock
2. Kim Petras - Turn off the Lights vol.1
3. GAS - Rausch
4. Robyn - Honey
5. Prime Minister Of Doom - Mudshadow Propaganda
6. Sophie - Oil Of Every Pearl's Uninsides
7. Dj Healer - Nothing 2 Loose
8. Galcher Lustwerk - 200% Galcher
9. Shinichi Atobe - Heat
10. The Field - Infinite Moment

Re: Music is my boyfriend

PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 7:28 am
by Copeland
Here are the albums I listened to the most of in 2018:

Rival Consoles - Persona
Thought this was distinct, better than the Jon Hopkins.

Gang Gang Dance - Kazuashita
I like the singles. I really liked Glass Jar and waited a long time for this.

Snail Mail - Lush
Reminds me of 90's emo (Everyone Asked About You), don't care for the teenage love stuff (amazing she's 19!), but the guitars are nice and her voice is strong.

Nils Frahm - All Melody
A little bland, picks up later, good for driving at night.

Tim Hecker - Konoyo
Not his best

OPN - Age Of
I don't know if I like this better than Garden of Delete/R Plus Seven. I dig some of the Anohni vocals (Same, Still Stuff That Doesn't Happen), wasn't feeling the others (Black Snow). Some of the tracks are too similar.

Sophie - Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides
I think I like it, smart.

Laurel Halo - Raw Silk Uncut Wood
Didn't like, she should make more pop songs.

Robyn - Honey
Can't deny this was well-constructed.

There's some stuff I gave up on after the first listen (Virginia Wing, Young Fathers, Parquet Courts), and other stuff not worth mentioning. Still have to go through a few of the best-ofs. I dislike looking at lists with the same albums reordered but there's too much music.

Thnx for recs more pls

Re: Music is my boyfriend

PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 11:25 am
by WussWayne
Can someone from the UK tell me what jail did to Digga D. Mans straight fuego now

Re: Music is my boyfriend

PostPosted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 9:08 pm
by archangel666
golden baby aka Traumprinz aka dj Metatron aka dj healer aka dj Metatron aka prime minister of doom listening party anyone

idk how he does it ... but he does it

Re: Music is my boyfriend

PostPosted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 12:14 am
by Copeland
What do Brits think of Santan Dave? What's the deal with obsessing over Stone Island?

Re: Music is my boyfriend

PostPosted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 12:49 pm
by WussWayne
I imagine her k-hole stories are pretty wyld

Re: Music is my boyfriend

PostPosted: Sun Apr 21, 2019 12:22 pm
by zevolution
i've been listening to dean blunt all weekend while i drift in and out of lazy mid-day naps and avoid family, his music is perfect 4 that