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Re: introduction

Post by ParallaxisRemix »

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Re: introduction

Post by judith_pancake »

formerly eli7, living in sf currently. i bake, ride my [redacted], look for mushrooms, and stare at my dog most of all
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Re: introduction

Post by papertowel »

hi fashion friends 2.0
my old user was mooncorp from when i was 16 and vaguely into vaporwave, now im 21 and into wiping dust off my floor with paper towels

my other hobbies are writing to do lists, updating my budget, walking, thinking, ordering 100lbs of clothes from japan to my apartment, drawing, calling myself an artist, and going to the arcade and karaoke bar with my friends ^__^
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Re: introduction

Post by DeafIdiotGod »

Hello, same username as old site. Haven't been active for a while but I miss the old internet before it was only 5 sites so I'm gonna try and post more.

Living in London, finishing PhD in quantum info and will probably be working in the field soon after. Main hobby at the moment is trying to get better at playing piano, I also like clothes c:
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Re: introduction

Post by miles »


You can probably guess my old username.

Living in NYC and Vermont now, selling tea.
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Re: introduction

Post by iral »

Iralan from the old tags. ~60% way thru my undergrad in music atm.

Hobbies include: baking, reading, watching Cable TV with my roommates (smiling)
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Re: introduction

Post by maj »

my name is maj

i was the third highest repped on the last forum,

i now high effort post on [redacted] forums for no rep due to their lack of rep system

i look forward to obtaining rep once more
thank you for the honour of being first to 100 reps (NoWAWT%), would like to thank everyone who repped me
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Re: introduction

Post by walks »

I'm Walks/28/Chicago

Used to be in art criticism, currently in law school.

These are my dogs, Thelma and Louise:
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Re: introduction

Post by julius »

hey pals,

I considered changing my user but didn't have the heart to. I joined ct a year or so into college and am finding it a cute thing that I'm reintroducing myself a year or so out of it.

I recently got deeper into visual arts because the guy who trained me to be a coffee roaster a while back was a photographer and wanted to spend our hours together talking about that instead of roasting lol. That bled into my making collages, to my wanting to learn color theory, to my seeing how sad and dark my wardrobe is lol. So I'm returning to the game slowly as I find a new job and am looking forward to sharing pics
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Re: introduction

Post by phil »

it's phil aka thephfactor. for the past year i have been working an okay job and have been able to buy a few items of nicer clothes but still feel nowhere close to having a "personal style" whatever that is. still enjoy reading people's fashion takes and opinions and being inspired by their outfits though : ) .

nothing much has changed over the past few years except I've gotten older, wiser, and less cringe. a big change that is happening to me is this year i will be moving cross-country and starting a graduate program.

also, I will be putting together a new personality this year. open to suggestions on what to include in my new personality.
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Re: introduction

Post by soj »

Hello! Used to post infrequently, lurk often on old c-t (and probably will do the same on v2). I don't really like clothes anymore but I do like internet forums.

Canada-based engineering student doing grad school in the fall. Interested in learning how to live a good life.
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Re: introduction

Post by bob »

used to be sick boy, still sick, but now bob.
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Re: introduction

Post by griffin »

hi, my name is griffin fka griffin fka gruff, christian name also griffin.
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Re: introduction

Post by Ques »

ques here from the old forums. law student, graduating this spring and moving to dc to practice. i don't really wear clothes anymore other than athleisure and spandex but i'm excited to buy some suits !
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Re: introduction

Post by E.T. »

Hi I'm E.T. or Evan. Currently in Ohio, its aight. Going back to school to get my masters, not sure if its worth it. Clothes are cool but too damn expensive.
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Re: introduction

Post by lionfir44 »

hi everyone! ole name "finolino" here. she/they. <<< B)

quit the game for a few years but then one day a pair of pants i had had a stain in em that not even oxi-clean could wash out so through trying to make the coolest patch i could to put over it i reignited the flame. my hobbies include sewing, hyperpop (what else am i supposed to call it), and almost getting hit by cars while riding my bicycle.

also, apologies to everyone i said really dumb ignorant shit (i don't remember exactly what but i know it was out there) to, back at the last point in time i used to be really active here. i think it's important i say that
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Re: introduction

Post by pudgytaco »

hello everyone

used to be earthonator, i was a dumb kid sorry

i am now 22, studying engineering and graduating this winter. transitioned from engineering -> design and am now a product designer (smiling) i go to school in austin and kinda quit the game as i no longer spend hours on yjp or rakuten.

hobbies include art, anime, music, and smash bros
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