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Re: introduction

Post by kyung »

hello this is kyung : ) from old c-t

nice reading everyone’s updates, recognizing some old faces (usernames) i hope you all have been doing well these past 5 yrs
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Re: introduction

Post by alex »

Hi, I'm Alex! I went by evilfriends on the old forum. I met some of you in London once.

I'm a 24 year old software dev from Russia living in Cologne, Germany. I like betting on soccer matches, reading books and Dark Souls. :mrgreen:
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Re: introduction

Post by _Organism »

damn I really should have stolen Noah. Anyways I'm Noah I was a reddit teen but I think I was even later than most of the reddit teens so I can't be blamed for anything that happened on c-t 1. Former engineering student current unemployed layabout. Trying to appreciate clothes without buying anymore
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Re: introduction

Post by rubymtn »

This is rubymtn, named for the range in northeastern Nevada. I lurked for multiple years without posting a thing because it is in my blood to do so. I'm from the South (US) and am predictably twentyish but I prefer to be spare with personal info. I initially approached fashion from what I could get in army surplus stores and farm co-ops but the approach stuck. I like hard clothing that feels like armor. I own two pairs of kiko asics but i don't want that to color your view of me. I want a universe where I can wear full john alexander skelton and not look like I do card tricks.

I like music and dense books and all the other stuff everyone else here likes. I unfortunately don't care for hyperpop which a lot of people here seem to like.

My favorite pieces are my PAA stonewash jeans and my red MAN-TLE waffle knit. I also love my Y's for men short mac.

Favorite albums:
US Maple - Sang Phat Editor
Birchville Cat Motel - Beautiful Speck Triumph
Silkworm - It'll Be Cool
I also really like the song "Mexico" by 12 Rods off of the Gay? remixes.
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Re: introduction

Post by Wax »

Hello I'm wax, just like last time.

hadn't posted in about 5 years but still checked in sometimes. might post a bit more now

Sydney based, 30ish, and convinced Home Improvement may actually have been peak fashion
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Re: introduction

Post by radbiz »

ellooo! radbiz here - been consistently barely active on c-t and reddit prior since I was a teen. I'm 25 now o_0

Right now I'm doing the nonprofit drone thing in Seattle. Lately been finding enjoyment in meditation, gardening, birding (wasup @jrisk ;)) and freelance journalism projects. Unfortunately got back into the game this last year buying EG on poshmark :?
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Re: introduction

Post by Bleeker »

Hi there, Bleeker here, same as on the old site. Didn't post too much back then, probably won't post too much here either.
Since I first joined the site, fashion as a personal hobby has ebbed off for me but I still enjoy (mostly reading) the discussion around the topic. I think it's great that c-t has been more than a solely fashion focused forum for as long as I can remember and occupies a special niche here online.
If I start posting again it'll probably be once there's a thread about a certain outdoor activity that involves two wheeled human-powered vehicles, since that's where my interests have lain the past few years.
Oh yeah, I've also gotten into tea the past year, are there any so-called teaheads on here? I also love music, especially experimental or folksy stuff, that and the rest of my interests probably fall in line with those of the average user here.
See y'all around!
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Re: introduction

Post by tonal_stitching »

back to lurk some more :P fka HexKeySet
haters will say its not tonal
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Re: introduction

Post by hannahcore »

hi im hannahcore she/her

i like hyperpop and taking baths

titkitten showed me ct seven ys ago cause i kept saying "i really want to learn how clothes work for real now" but then we just did crosswords instead

ty for welcoming me into your community and for your generous advice giving

titkitten bears no responsibility for my personality
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Re: introduction

Post by funyuns »

hi im funyuns fka fun yunchables

i like slappy grinds with shaped boards, indomie, and pants
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Re: introduction

Post by yourdad »

yourdad back as yourdad

haven't been on ct much in the past few years but seeing some of you on ig makes it feel like i never left
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Re: introduction

Post by khayandhi »

Since Last We Met I got really into —

— bird-watching
— the academic job market
— Rumpole of the Bailey
— Welsh independence
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Re: introduction

Post by clivehauptlover625 »

hi im clivehauptlover625 and im ready to start shit on a forum
24, he/him, portland,me
making furniture
supporting my dad
building secret bases, unsanctioned architecture
south africa
my new [redacted]

burner phones with touchscreens
the netherlands
and more

i cant wait to make friends! (smiling)(smiling)
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Re: introduction

Post by mikey »

This is nostalgic. Michaelmao from the old forum and a bunch of other places.

I live in NYC now, writing as a profession. Currently obsessed with nagatoro and a bunch of other series.
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Re: introduction

Post by samspublicist »


my name is sam, they/them. i used to be harmsalmon on ct1.0. 23/unemployed/hv, NY.. for now

crazyn cool to be back 8-)
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Re: introduction

Post by Toonces »

Hi I used to be Benson on the old CT.

Just moved to Ottawa. 29, city planner, into making music and art. Lately I've been reading more and trying to be more deliberate online.

Thanks for bringing this back!

I also have a cat named Toonces

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Re: introduction

Post by edmund »

took me long enough to come back!

i was CheerUpBrokeBoy on care-tags v1 – can't think of any username that i won't think is lame in 2-5 years so i'm just gonna rock as my government now

he/him, still in NY/Brooklyn and i'm turning 26 this week
i do PR for uniqlo and doc martens for my day job so clearly i leaned into fashion way too much and now i can never escape
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