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Re: introduction

Post by chanserv »

hi everyone, i’m chanserv! i posted a few times on old ct as oranj. it’s nice to see everyone is still around and chatting even now!

I design parts for electric cars, I used to live in LA but moved to SF at the beginning of the year. i’m into asian food, painting/drawing (hockney is my favorite!), and finding home goods on craigslist :mrgreen:

on the active side I used to like basketball a lot, but after getting too many knee injuries I’ve been getting more into martial arts lately (karate+muay thai) which has been fun.

I’m still confused on whether to post here or on the discord, how does everyone decide when to post on one instead of the other?
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Re: introduction

Post by so-ko »

Helllo I was soko on old ct. I posted a few times in 2016ish when I was a genuine teen. I just started doing humanities grad school in a dreadfully provincial part of Ontario. I like [redacted]. Wish me luck friends.
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Re: introduction

Post by mahi-mahi2 »

Hello! I’m still mahi-mahi! I’m currently a grad student in boston so if y’all are here hit me up. I also never got my last holiday care swap package.
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Re: introduction

Post by ecrujones »

hi everyone, i'm ecrujones, I used to be tigre on all the fashion sites.

i've been around the clothesweb for over 10 years now ( :!: ). i am 28 and live in san francisco, i'm an animator by trade.

i looked up care-tags on a whim this morning and am delighted to see that it's back and feeling active. i need some good old fashioned chronological forum posting in my life again.
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Re: introduction

Post by bels »

What's your favourite shade of white
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Re: introduction

Post by Julio »

bels wrote: Fri Nov 05, 2021 12:04 pm What's your favourite shade of white
i'm going to hazard a guess that it's cream
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Re: introduction

Post by eyealt »

Hello everyone, I used to post here years ago under the same username. I moved coasts, settled in with stuff I really love and I'm pretty happy. That's all I've got
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Re: introduction

Post by evilhag »

hello i used to lurk caretags in 2018/19 under a long forgotten account
seems like the site is updated? (smiling) glad to be back
i like clothes and used to be super into wearing them but after ed recovery and generally the way lifehas been since 2020 none of the old clothes work anymore and i am trying to figure it all out again
Hello world... Hello raf...
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Re: introduction

Post by eightyhi »

hi it's me adhi

you may remember me as /u/adhi- or /u/tennisplayingnarwhal, or from the mfa-irc. i joined c-t back in summer 2017.

first time checking the site out in years. i read the re-creation thread... it's really nice to see that regulars like rjbman, ramdom, cam, schiaperelli and more are still active.

look forward to re-ingratiating myself with y'all. one difference between then and now is that i have an instagram now - i feel like if i had one back then i would have been able to stay in touch more easily!

if you know/remember me from back then, go ahead and give me a follow. "eightyhi"

i don't post fashion content or anything, but maybe in the future!

another difference is that i live in austin, tx now. if any of y'all are here DEFINITELY follow and dm me on ig. cheers y'all!

btw - what are the best threads with the best/funniest content to follow here
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Re: introduction

Post by eggbody »

hi i'm egg, 28/nyc

i never, ever posted on the old care tags but i would lurk aggressively for hours, admiring the fits and pretending to understand half the stuff that was being talked about

that was back in 2015... i forgot about this place for years but then thought about it today. it's really nice to see it's alive and recognize some of the usernames from way back when.

most likely will not post this much this time around either, just wanted to say that i really loved coming on here and reading people's posts back in the day. it was maybe the first time i had a sense of a greater fashion community that was interested in clothes in a way that virtually no one else i knew irl was. it inspired me to strive for more in my own personal fashion, though back in those days i had no budget and terrible taste lol. anyway thank u ct! long live ct! i hope everyone's doing well :-)
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Re: introduction

Post by freddy »

Freddy. 30M/Boston.

I'm doing way better since the original care-tags. Looking in the past, I appreciated the ability to chill on here and especially for the space to blog-out. Apologies to my past behaviors and commentary. Hope to rekindle with y'all through a new chapter 2.0 on here.
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Re: introduction

Post by Humus07 »

Humus Luke from Middle East. Glad to be here. Hope we will spent a good time here. Thanks
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