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Top 10 Strangers

Postby p3rn » Tue Dec 31, 2019 8:04 am

As the year comes to a close I like to remember all the nice interactions I had with strangers. good reminder that as shit as things can be, strangers also have the capacity to bring a lot of small, good moments into our lives. post ur own lists too if you've got them.

  1. The man who I met while unlocking my bike at the Tate Modern who rode with me for a while, just chatting, until we went our separate ways at Blackfriar’s bridge
  2. Maddie, a waitress at Peg who is very kind and remembered me after I’d just been there once
  3. The man who let me on the overnight train from Zugdidi to Tbilisi despite my passport not matching the information on my ticket. True hero.
  4. Tom Love from the Thom Browne store. Great energy, very kind, excellent name.
  5. The two straight Americans at Chapter 10 who helped pull me out of a weird anxiety spiral on my birthday. They may have been a mirage.
  6. Ashraf, also a stranger from the club, who has such a warm and friendly demeanour we were all astounded by it when we met him
  7. The man who shared an Uber pool with me and complimented the cake I’d baked for illiam’s birthday
  8. The man at Archway station who asked for one of my Lussekatt buns and offered me cigarettes or a sip of his vodka coke the morning after the general election (did not accept, did give him a bun)
  9. The German man who we crossed paths with twice while hiking in Georgia. The first time he warned us that a bridge up the trail was out and we should cross the river immediately. The second time he negotiated with one of the drivers in Ushguli in Russian for us. Very much appreciated.
  10. The man outside the Wetherspoons in Elephant and Castle who asked my friend why he hadn’t made me his lady yet because “well I think she’s hot!”. Thank you, it was very affirming.
    bonus: every friend who started the year a stranger. I treasure you all.
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Re: Top 10 Strangers

Postby bels » Thu Jan 02, 2020 5:51 am

I'll try a top five

5. The Spanish vets who I got talking to at the pub when I brought my houseguest from italy there. They recommended that I get pet insurance for my cat (I've still not done it but I should)
4. The woman who struck up a conversation with me outside the art gallery whilst we were unlocking our bikes. Extremely rare straight male uninitiated flirt that I will treasure probably for the next five years.
3. Carlos, the owner of Carlos BBQ who recommended I have zataar on my chips instead of peri peri salt, because "They put all sorts in peri peri salt." I disagree with him, but zataar isn't too bad as an alternative.
2. The extremely, powerfully stoned bearded guy at the hostel I stayed at in Shropshire who managed to be extremely diligent about our various dietary requirements whilst communicating to us from a planet many lightyears away.
1. Marsi, the barista at a coffee shop I hate who is really, really good.
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Re: Top 10 Strangers

Postby BIGBEE » Thu Jan 02, 2020 9:57 am

Thank you to all the ups drivers. I worked with all great. And the teen that told me to listen to joe Rogan (it changed his life).
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Re: Top 10 Strangers

Postby jrisk » Thu Jan 02, 2020 11:01 am

1. My neighbor, Kelly, who lives a block up the street. I actually haven't met her but I've always admired all the plants she keeps on her front porch in the summer. I left a stromanthe on her porch with a note saying this and she left me a jackfruit plant with a really nice note.
2. The couple that let my friend and I warm up and smoke a joint in their truck in a trailhead parking lot in the White Mountains while waiting for AAA after I lost my car keys on the trail.
3. Woman at the library book sale who let me take a CD for free because they're normally 4 for a dollar and I only wanted one.
4. Man wearing a cool jacket who sat next to me on a flight home and jumped out of his seat when the plane parked, remembered where I put my bag in the overhead (much further back) and asked people to pass it forward for me so I didn't have to wait for everyone to get off.
5. New salon client who came into the office and said I had really nice hair.
6. Mechanic at my garage who went the extra mile and made sure I got reimbursed for brakes that were still under warranty.
7. Someone on FB marketplace who gave me a great working dyson vacuum for FREE.
8. A family of neighbors who stopped shoveling and helped push my car up the hill and into my driveway.
9. Owner of a local thrift store who pulled out a bunch of cardigans from storage that she thought I would like and I found one that was perfect.
10. Literally every librarian at my library. They're so nice, they give good recommendations and compliment my book choices.
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Re: Top 10 Strangers

Postby rjbman » Thu Jan 02, 2020 3:58 pm

yall have way better memory than me
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Re: Top 10 Strangers

Postby p3rn » Fri Jan 03, 2020 1:40 pm

Remembering strangers feels like this really daunting task until you start it and suddenly more will come to you. Good situations to get the ball rolling: did you flirt with anyone this year? take any solo trips? have dinner alone at the bar and chat with a seatmate? how about any public transport moments (someone was yelling and you and your neighbour shared an oh-geez look)? made any big purchases you were helped with? chat to someone in the smoking area at a club or show?

If you still can't remember any strangers maybe use this to try to make note of strangers you meet in 2020.
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