hypothetical care meets

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hypothetical care meets

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how does your ideal care tags meetup go? post the hypothetical meetup story here
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Re: hypothetical care meets

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He gets a glimpse of cmyk and his posts, but there is a density of orgy-goers around them that keeps him at a distance. He knows he's vulnerable, more than he should be, to pretty little posts, so he reckons it's just as well, because the fitpic is a knockout, all right: 11 or 12 rep, pale red and lovely, wearing a mesh running vest, short shorts and salomon trail runners, hair swept up elaborate and flawless and interwoven with a sheen of rain to show gore-tex technology...help, help. Why do these things have to keep coming down on him? He can see the obit now in Time magazine--Died, rjbman, pushing 30, on care-tags, of lust.

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