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Postby 106-2 » Sun Aug 23, 2020 5:25 am


finally feel like i've got something worth posting on this thread

on the left we've got my peugeot tour 10, picked up for cheap a couple years back from a mad guy wearing suspenders and a vest who kept me waiting 2 hours to sort the bike, then asked me to stop talking to him when my opening line of conversation was 'so how long have you been doing this then?' - ended up having a great conversation abt old age/how fucked up care homes/elder care is over here (he was polish) so i appreciate him cutting through the small-talk

on the right is a new addition, 1991 claud butler pagan which the seller used for a month in '91 (to try a win a bet w his mate on who could lose the most weight in a month - he lost) and has been kept in his garage ever since. absolutely mint condition and i'm totally smitten w it. the front rack is a wald which i originally bought for the peugeot, not realising how fucking huge it was - going to kit the pagan out to be a sort of gravel tourer, so has actually worked out quite well.

relatedly, definitely going to be switching out the bars on the claud - any recommendations (aesthetic or functional)? leaning towards a 'north road'-type bar and keep worrying it'll look stupid haha
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Re: Bikes

Postby surfdude69 » Thu Sep 24, 2020 11:06 am

Went from a battered old Peugeot road bike where pretty much every component was threaded and seized to building up this :sweg:

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