Best Of 2022

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Best Of 2022

Post by foxtail_grass »

Can we share our favorites of 2022?
It can be anything, object or otherwise.
We're in the homestretch y'all. Happy almost-holidays.
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Re: Best Of 2022

Post by iral »

Great idea!

I'll share some assorted favorites:

Favorite drinks: (mainly wine this year)
- orange wine
- pipenos
- Chianti
- espresso soda
- Ginger schnapps
- freshly squeezed orange juice

Favorite dishes to cook:
- Fish and chips
- [any protein] + grits (highlights included filet mignon, red grouper, mahi mahi)
- lactofermented things (tomatoes and blueberries)
- Ravioli al Uovo
- fig carpaccio

Favorite (so far) swiss chocolates:
- Ovomaltine Noir
- Ragusa
- Villars Lait

Karaoke songs:
- My Boo - Usher
- Can't Take my Eyes Off of You - Lauryn Hill
- Unchained Melody - Elvis
- Good Riddance - Green Day

Maybe a few memories as well:
- College graduation week
- renting a double decker pontoon boat with 20 friends to have a lake day
- Playing my first orchestra concerts (Highlights of the summer incl. Prokofiev 5 and Mahler 1)
- climbing a mountain and then swimming in an alpine lake
- (in general) all the moments w friends and family

and now a speed round

Favorite meal: Marrow in Detroit
Favorite clothing purchase: Story MFG TRF shoes
Favorite city travelled to: Luzern, CH
Favorite vegetable: Broccolini
Favorite fruit: Fig (closely tied with the cara cara orange)
Favorite wine: Martha Stoumen Post Flirtation
Favorite pasta shape: Orecchiette
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Re: Best Of 2022

Post by rjbman »

Best trips:
* Taking the train to Chicago with the GF for childhood friend's wedding, great food, and [redacted] racing
* Spending a week in rural Montana with a bunch of internet friends

Best [redacted] races:
* Racing state CX champs in 8" of fresh snow
* Winning a track scratch race in Chicago
* Getting to a good spot in a crit and getting to attack / vie for the win

Best clothes:
* Gramicci skater pants from a care share a few years ago
* My OG black veilance frame tee

Best TV shows (consumed this year):
* The Rehearsal
* The Peripheral
* Fruits Baskets

Best Books (read this year):
* Book of the New Sun
* A Half-Built Garden
* A Swim In A Pond In The Rain
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Re: Best Of 2022

Post by foxtail_grass »

This was one of my favorite years in recent memory.

Lots of celebrations: attending my best friend's wedding in Chicago; being a recurring guest on a friend's comedy call-in show (and ending the show season with go-karting); spending time with loved ones at the most beautiful cabin in the world.

Lots of collaborations: starting to develop my second solo* exhibition; costume designing and 'acting' in a local horror movie; being in a photoshoot with a good friend; and the best project- building a home with my partner.
*This is a misnomer, since the basis of my artwork is connecting with and loving others.

Snapshots in my mind: the dawn fog over a dock with the overwhelming sound of birdsong; little sweet potatoes grow an abundance of green in their bucket; my dad and my sister racing each other at the local track; countless hikes and long conversations; dancing at friend's raves.

My favorite takeaway from the year was re-learning that I am resilient. And beginning to write poetry again.

Favorite album: Absolutely by Dijon
Favorite article of clothing: camo Prana men's hiking pants from my friend Nick
Favorite food I cooked: "Minestrone" soup with fennel salami, fresh fennel, sage, potatoes, and black eyed peas
Favorite game: I really loved A Short Hike and Raft. Most played games were probably Valorant and Going Medieval (currently exhausted with both).
Favorite book: Half Earth Socialism
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Re: Best Of 2022

Post by pudgytaco »

best snack: trader joes fig & olive crisps with ricotta and pomegranate
best song: deep blue - holow remix by jadu jadu
best purchase: story mfg sundae jacket - finally after like 8 years of lusting for it haha
best gift: tnf hydrenalite down jacket keeping me warm in nyc
best concert: seeing l'imperatrice at the portola music festival in sf
best beer: trader joes howling gourds pumpkin ale - like $5 for a 6 pack of 7% abv pumpkin beer
best show: andor or kaguya sama s3
best trip: skiing in vermont
best fruit: mangosteen\]]
best font: neue montreal by pangram pangram - such a clean sans-serif
best home purchase: wassily chair
best scent: le labo the matcha 26
best find: some skis on the street, excited to try them out this ski season
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Re: Best Of 2022

Post by ParallaxisRemix »

Best gig I attended: adekunle gold concert or nsasi dj-live set at some nyege nyege party where they were doing the weirdest shit on a traktor s8? Like taking an amapiano track and layering it under so much noisy shit good lawd

Best experience: volunteering for oroko radio and seeing all these cool black people doing their ting and having a platform for it and getting to interact with some of them. I really enjoy archiving their stuff. Can't wait to finally meet some of the staff members at a nye festival in kilifi and party!

Best jawnz cop: some zara shirt and pants.

Best cop: Alesis v49 midi keyboard.

Best enlightenment: Being re-told I have aspergers/add (mental health facility was really fucked up doe) and being like yeah I see it (acceptance I guess) and starting therapy afterwards with this sick painter lady that's also neurodiverse and I'm learning to restructure my thought processes and gain control over some troubling behaviours . Also told an auntie and a cousin of mine and they have been very supportful. Like actually listening to me, giving me advice, inviting me to spend time with their families. Basically just being there like there there if that makes sense. This is the first time in my life I've had that happen. I've also been sober 4 months now and have no desire to ever use again

Best mix I put out: 8-)

Best food: Katogo and groundnut sauce. Hella addictive breakfast I could eat almost daily.

Best track of the year:

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Re: Best Of 2022

Post by bels »

Top lift: Deadlift
Top therapist: Got a therapist, that's good
Top album: I didn't have the energy to try and find new music and listen to it and try and work out if i like it or not or etc this year so I just listened to old music that felt nice. I'll try ad do something next year
Top book: Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch
Top clothe: The classics keep hitting for me, personally, but I like the Sidian Ersatz Vanes shirt I got from ebay for like fifteen bucks
Top county: I went to Cornwall twice this year and it was nice
Top transportation: I took the ferry to holland it was really nice too.
Top podcast: We Love Dick
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Re: Best Of 2022

Post by thewisdomoftime »

Top clothe: Gray G-Shock (I was not good at wearing clothes this year)
Top sheux: Wallabees (continues 8-year reign of Wallabees)
Top therapist: Donna (Long-time-coming)
Top gymgoer: Raymond (Unanimous)
Top song:
Top writing: Handke
Top contemporary vibe: Norwegian
Top historical vibe: Indietronica
Top podcast: Chapo unchallenged despite the basketball podcast rotation going horrifically deep. I've gotten too sad about Celtics losses to even look at my 4 Celtics podcasts sometimes.
Top member of the Boston Celtics: Jayson Tatum (breaks 8-year reign of Marcus Smart)

Top qualities in self: Humor, resilience, humility
Top problematic overemphases: resilience, humility
Top hope: Bergen
Top fear: Career is stagnant
Top sobering realization: I am not a kind person
Top regression: Funky House
Top hometownie: Meg (breaks 6-year reign of Caroline); I will drop into the boys' discord soon when I get my bravery about me.
Top coworker: Dan (I have communicated this), runner-up Bob
ROTY coworker: Martin (will communicate this), runner-up John
Top feeling: annual performance review raise; message from ****; most recent arm day
Top county: Queens
Top transportation: every time I go west of the Hudson or past the end of the J has been a breathtaking success
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Re: Best Of 2022

Post by skunk ape »

Top Purchase: House
Top Food: Burrito I bought after moving all the stuff into the house
Top Purchase: Sunglasses that I've worn close to everyday since I bought them.
Top Trip: Peru
Top Wave: Peru
Top Strangers: Spanish dad and daughter combo who became our surf buddies in Peru.
Top Beer I bought a single can of on a whim off the sale rack at the beer store: Skydrop
Top Morning Treat: Big bag of powdered milk tea that will give me diabetes
Top redacted Race: Sly Fox Brewing
Top Lift: (tie) Clean and Jerk
Top Scented Candle: Maison Louis Marie #2
Top Bideo Jame I played: Hollow Knight
Top Book: Beyond Measure by James Vincent. Read if you like metrology or history facts.
Top Movie I watched: Thief
Bottom Movie I watched: Moana. This movie is fucking dogshit and I hate that my kid likes it.

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