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Postby Prince of Scandinavia » Tue Feb 17, 2015 7:09 pm

yoyobeat wrote:"I’ve got my own petrified Rick Owens table in my house. Is that chic enough?"

one sentence later...

"I hate the concept of limited edition completely. I hate the concept of separatism. Elitism. Classism. We’re all equal."

Come on dude, then why do you own the Rick Owens table if you really hate these things. If you play the hypocrite deliberately then I guess that's OK, but otherwise it's hard to take the guy seriously.

Agree with @oucho about it being weird to wear something with kanye west!'s name on it.

He respects artistry and quality, that's probably why he has a Rick table, or it was gifted to him. The quote you made was about clothing, which he is infatuated with. If he was into making tables from everyone, then he would probably have had comments about tables. You can't compare quality, availability and elitism about clothes with quality, availability and elitism with quality of tables.
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