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Re: Christopher Raeburn Women's S/S16

Postby jujumaster » Tue Sep 22, 2015 2:20 pm

Nice collection but salt in the wound. After the womens AW15 shat on the mens AW15, the same has happened with SS16.

Christopher y ur mens collection go downhill so fast?

Christopher y u keep all the nice colour palettes for the women?

OK those remade lifeboat jackets were fantastic but the rest was so dull

Christopher y u make it all fit so blandly

Christopher y u use those awful lego block blue and reds on the mens AW15?

So many great collections before these Christopher please suprise me for AW16
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Re: Christopher Raeburn Women's S/S16

Postby maj » Tue Sep 22, 2015 2:54 pm

I feel completely the opposite Tbf

This collection has no novelty value or motif which makes burns fun, lacks the animal accessories or any accessories bar some bags which could be made by literally anyone.

The men's version of this was my fave burns season since ss14, had the light, layered looks, strong whimsical motifs and bucket loads of variety with a strong overarching theme which is what burns is all about for me, here I just feel like he was like

"I guess this dope explorer guy needs a wife? Dresses r pretty yeah, maybe some see through bits, guess kimono esq tops r hot this year? Saw my friend wearing one, throw some loose trews in too."

Burns always is pretty shit at reinventing the wheel, he's extremely good at embellishing it with animals on which isn't here for me.

Lacks the charm

The green and blue blaz, yellow print, first trousers and the patterned knit is fire tho.

I feel with this you could condense it down to 10 looks and have a much stronger show, a lot of it feels like the same bits in a different colour which is a bit dull. Considering the variety of men's. That said it looks like a conventionally nice collection, it's "interesting and their are a few nice elements which catch the eye", just not what I look at raeburn for.

The Lego red and blue is also fantastic, it's like we're polar opposites

Aw14 was the best women's collection for me, the trousers *sweats*
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