2022 Vibes

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2022 Vibes

Post by foxtail_grass »

WWYW this year...

I periodically try to map out my style progression and ultimately end up with the same list of interests every time.

*Emphasis on fabric
SilkCottonDenimLinenWoolCashmereTechwearMetal etcetcetc
*Emphasis on texture
Ruching, draping, fabric feel [waffling, ribbing, netting], signs of wear, knits
*Tailoring/custo thrift finds
Forever and always
*Usual color palette
Neutrals + Greens of any kind + a small spectrum of pinks [from purply to orange-y; no blush!!]

An additional interest that has once again cycled through to the forefront is playing with *form fitting or form baring silhouettes. This may be correlated with my daily triggering of the LUNK ALARM at planet fitness as I HURL a 3,000 lb barbell across the gym (i.e. I've been lifting again). It's also an attempt at exposure therapy (literally) to alleviate my body dysmorphia.

Curious to hear if other people do a new year style check-in with themselves.
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Re: 2022 Vibes

Post by Trench Witch »

I think slim fit pants will come back for men.
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Re: 2022 Vibes

Post by bels »

I think I might start dressing like a project manager again. I would like to dress like

A project manager on Mars base


A project manager in the back ground of a scene in Sex and the city

But I might just end up wearing black stretchy jeans and vans slip ons again all year.
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Re: 2022 Vibes

Post by Julio »

i want to wear black denims often again

specifically black (warp and weft) selvedge denims
i suspect last season's +j ones will be a good choice, but i'm in no hurry
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Re: 2022 Vibes

Post by titkitten »

still on my wool/cashmere/leather bs
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Re: 2022 Vibes

Post by olympiaitsthewater »

i feel like slim fit denim technology has regressed rapidly since the Golden Age of Slim Fit (the early 10s). The golden ratio used to be 99% cotton 1% elastane because the denim still looked and felt like denim at that ratio but now everything seems to be some weird "flex" blend with large amounts of rayon and spandex and they dont even look/feel like jeans. ive only really looked at levis offerings tho because the "mid range" brands of old are now trying to sell slim jeans for $300 lol
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Re: 2022 Vibes

Post by iral »

same vintage/thrift core I've been on for years but maybe more color and texture

polo shirts in the summer definitely
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