ramdom thought thread revival

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Re: ramdom thought thread revival

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What's the read on affordable housing solutions. I feel like the progressive/lefty circles I orbit around are starting to bifurcate where the most 'progressive' minds seem to be very /very/ anti-development because it seems impossible to decouple increasing housing supply and displacement (even if its just a downstream side-effect).

Seems like a lot of people point to Minneapolis as a good example of good housing policy
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Re: ramdom thought thread revival

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oh god yimby / nimby discourse has reached care-tags

obviously when we don't have enough housing where people want to live, shit is more expensive. there are ways to prevent displacement via rent control but also rent control is nowhere near sufficient to maintain affordability and just locks existing tenants in and locks out everyone else. build more, ideally publicly owned.
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Re: ramdom thought thread revival

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nephew snuck up on me while i was watching a grown man in a donald duck costume play kingdom hearts on twitch

asked what it was i was watching on twitch

i've never been more embarassed
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Re: ramdom thought thread revival

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what did you say you were watching.
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Re: ramdom thought thread revival

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I wrote my book club post and then the preview button eated all my fun statements and I'm blue
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Re: ramdom thought thread revival

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I miss having a lot of non-sequitur random thoughts. Remission is surreal and awe-inducing. Not sure what's next. Life isn't so random anymore. What now?
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