Ramdom fashion thoughts

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Re: Ramdom fashion thoughts

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I feel like I must be all-world bad at taking off a mid-layer. I think I'm Showing Off the Hocks for easily 15 seconds per workday, and I could get that down to like 4-6 seconds if I were elite at it.

I am not willing to even consider not wearing a black pullover hoodie every day.
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Re: Ramdom fashion thoughts

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I got a big tattoo on my stomach and now I kind of enjoy that moment. One option to consider
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Re: Ramdom fashion thoughts

Post by foxtail_grass »

thinking about the fact that you can 'earn' the ability to pull something off through daily unrelenting adherence. if you wear something every single day, it's going to look like crap/feel bad some days but eventually you breakthrough to the point where it just becomes a part of you

thinking about the symbiotic nature between clothing and wearer. each changes the behavior of the other

to that effect, one should wear clothes that match your internalized vision of what is smart/sexy/cool. eventually you will fake it til you make it. but like anything of value it takes time to cultivate
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Re: Ramdom fashion thoughts

Post by rjbman »

thinkin bout how my desire for "techwear" was just "stuff i could wear in the rain", and now it's just "stuff i could [redacted] in"... anyways considering getting a pair of these for summer

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Re: Ramdom fashion thoughts

Post by olympiaitsthewater »

i always thought that the allure of techwear stems from a strong desire to master the blade
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Re: Ramdom fashion thoughts

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I love techwear, but I hate techninja. I think all clothes should be about What Can I Do In Them, even if the thing you're doing is Looking Very Cool. Unfortunately for me, and my financial independence, my insatiable lust for techwear has expanded the concept of 'tech' and now I like to see tech in manufacturing process as much as GORE-TEX™ (which is, quite frankly, less appealing now that we know it will kill many small nautical creatures and probably you), which leads me to lusting after pointlessly baroque shit like this. Then I also get bored with existing uses for materials and start going off trying to find the most unique fabrications that can stand up to the elemental onslaught of walking to the grocery store in the rain. And through all this, I am divided on whether or not I want to advertise that I am possibly unaffected by the rain or cold or heat or sweat or other disgusting indignity of every day life that is apparently solved by textiles.

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