Be safe with advanced CCTV systems

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Be safe with advanced CCTV systems

Postby nowil » Sat Sep 05, 2015 7:34 am

CCTV system or closed circuit television is familiar as video surveillance widely used to detect the outbreak of criminal activities and ensure public safety. These video surveillance cameras are placed in shopping malls, banks, ATMs, military regimes, airports and even public places to detect the outbreak of violence, assaults and attacks. In banks and ATMs these CCTV cameras are placed to track assaults and attacks on the persons transacting money. In banks, such video surveillance also ensures the safety of the bank officials transacting money. An operator carefully monitors the activities in the banks, airports and shopping malls; they become alert on spotting any unusual activities. In airports, the CCTV system is very useful in detecting criminals carrying heavy weapons or inflammable substances that cause threat to the safety of the passengers and also the flights. In shopping malls, the video surveillance is quite useful in tracking assaulters and attackers. In military regimes, video surveillance easily tracks the trespassers, spies and intruders approaching their protected areas. There are many kinds of advanced video surveillance systems such high resolution cameras that provide clear, colour images of the criminals. There are also new CCTV systems that can be used for monitoring the activities during both night and also the day. The wireless cameras are a new inclusion into the security systems; these foreign cameras are imported for their unique functions and convenience of portability. Leading Indian brands such as Godrej is providing advanced surveillance and security solutions such as SEE U V8. It enables users to keep track of wider area with its advanced video management software for monitoring up to 8 cameras set up in one or multiple locations. Other brands such as Panasonic, Eureka Forbes and Samsung are also introducing high resolution colour and compact video surveillance systems. The increasing crimes such as planned robberies, threats, intrusion and trespassing are leading civilians to opt for home security system. Such security systems also have burglar alarms and alerts to capture the robbers. Video surveillance is increasingly curbing the criminal activities with careful monitoring and crime detection.
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Re: Be safe with advanced CCTV systems

Postby Cowboy » Sat Sep 05, 2015 8:02 am

Which CCTV would you recommend over others?
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